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Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber | Things To Consider (Guide 2022)

A very important question asked repeatedly is, can I use my own car seat with Uber? The answer is YES! Of course, you can. The car seat is mandatory for the children traveling between 6 months – 10 yrs in the car or any other kind of transport, whether private or public.

Although Uber does not offer car seats in particular still, they are required to follow the state laws in which they are operating. Therefore, don’t worry. Either Uber provides a car seat facility, or you can use your car seat with Uber according to your child’s age. 

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber 3

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber ?

yes why not but it’s too important you are take care of your baby, and you bring their seat must, keep your travel safe and comfortable. Uber have no car seat to provide your baby; you must take your baby seat, without baby seat traveling is against government rules and regulations, Could fine you.

Our Children Are Our Greatest Blessings On This Earth !

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber

Being a parent, our first and foremost concern is the well-being of our children. Traveling is always enjoyable and exciting, but things become a bit complicated if you are traveling with kids in tow. You can not be spontaneous. Rather, you have to pre-plan every move before and during your journey carefully concerning your child’s safety. 

Public transport was revolutionized by introducing ride-sharing services when Uber was launched in 2009. Today over 6 million people are using this Service to move worldwide, and they have constantly been improving their services to cater to the needs of society. 

The car seat is the safest way to travel with kids. So if you are traveling through a ride-sharing service like UBER or LYFT, you must be thinking about how “can I use my car seat with Uber or any other car service such as Lyft or Grab, etc.

No one knows the safety and comfort of your child better than you. So you have to correct the information before you go booking the Uber Service. Their rules and regulations regarding the use of car seats with kids according to their respective ages. All these queries will be answered in the text below, so keep scrolling down.

Does Uber Provide Its Own Car Seat For kids ?

Can I Use My Own Car Seat With Uber

Yes, it does. But it is not always the case, so do not depend on it entirely, and do make sure that the ride you have been trying to book has a car seat or allows you to install one yourself before you confirm. 

Uber does not have any particular policy regarding car seat installation while traveling with kids, but the state laws are pretty much similar all over the world regarding car seat installation; therefore, they must follow them accordingly.

Uber offers a service to its riders called “the Uber family,” in which it provides the passenger with spacious vehicles for families along with a car seat. You just have to choose the right option to suit your needs.

If you have one child, then you can choose an Uber X with the car seat option, and if you have a big family of two or more kids, then you can book Uber XL with the car seat option below. But still, the matter remains the same you have to take your car seats with you because Uber offers only one car seat.

Uber With Toddler No Car Seat :

Toddlers are always full of energy and life, so during traveling, it is most important to make sure that they are safely seated in their car seat. It is important to mention here that Uber has a pretty basic and simple policy regarding their car seat service.

They only provide for at least two years of age: a forward-facing car seat till 22 pounds and 11 inches tall children, and if your child is above this limit, then you need to have your car seat according to their age, weight, and size.

So, make sure to ask the driver about the complete information about the car seat (if he has one) before confirming the booking of the ride.

Uber With a Booster Seat :

can i use my own car seat with uber

It is very important to have complete knowledge of the Uber transport service if you travel with a family involving small children. Because it is better to be on the safe side, Uber only provides the basic forward-facing car seat facility for kids aged at least two years.

Now, if you have a child younger than 24 months, you need to have a rear-facing car seat, and if your kid is older than six years, then it is better to take your own convertible/booster car seat with you in the Uber.

If you have kids of varying ages, you also have to take your car seats along with you so that your kids are safe all through their journey.

Uber With No Car Seat :

Regular Uber cars do not have a car seat option for kids. So, if you book one for yourself, you must take your car seat with you. Because if you neglect it, then you can be fined as well.

It is always better to pre-plan everything, so look carefully into the Uber car service and ask for Uber Family / Uber X service where they provide with basic car seat. But it is also not always there because most of the drivers feel it as a liability, as well as the space-taking thing in the trunk, especially on the airport routes.

Usually, Uber drivers decline the request if you do not carry your car seat with you because traveling without a car seat is not only dangerous but also illegal, causing them a ticket as well as tarnishing their credibility. No matter what the situation is, always have your own car seat with you.

Can You Uber / Lyft With a Baby ?

Whether it is Uber, Lyft, or Grab, whichever ride-sharing service you will undertake, they only provide a forward car seat for kids aged at least two years 44 pounds and 34 inches tall limit. So, it is clear that you have to take your rear-facing car seat with you in the Uber or Lyft or the safety of your little one.

Just ask the driver if he allows you to strap in one by sliding his seat forward to ensure a good leg space. You are good to go after strapping your baby in the safety harness. This applies not only to regular Uber cars but also to their family service.

Therefore, ensure your kids’ safety before you book yourself a ride. Major cities where Uber provides its car seat services:

Following are some of the cities where Uber provides car seats:

Uber With Car Seat Orlando :

Orlando is one of the few cities around the country where Uber offers its car seat facility: and thanks to Disney for that. Here also, Uber has a limitation of only one forward-facing car seat for at least two years of the child with an additional charge of $10.

Therefore, if your child is a baby or older than the age limit of an Uber car seat, then it is a must to bring along your own car seat according to their age.

On the other hand, if you are a large family with a few kids of different age groups, then also it is necessary to bring their own cars to eat while traveling with Uber.

Uber With Car Seat Los Angeles :

I am very disappointed to tell you that Uber that not provide its services in LA. So it is better to consider other options like Lyft or any other taxi service in the city. The Uber service has suffered a backlash when one of their partners has withdrawn, therefore causing them to shrink their service to a few cities in the country.

Uber Car Seats Chicago :

Whether you use Uber or any other form of ride-sharing transport services for traveling, it is the parents’ or the rider’s duty to choose the vehicle according to their family needs as well as bring along one or more car seats with them as per their requirement.

The state law of Chicago clearly states that children under the age of 12 should travel with proper safety gear, but the law exempts the hired ride services, which indirectly includes services like Uber, Lyft & Bliss. It is always better to be on the safe side.

Uber Car Seat Texas :

Law enforcement agencies also exempt the Texas public transport from providing car seats for their clients, although the state law enforces the use of car seats for all the kids traveling under the age of 10.

Many drivers have been reported to have declined the rides due to the negligence on the part of parents for bringing long the car seat for their children instead endangering the precious lives of their little angels.

Lyft with car seat :

The state law regarding the child’s safety during the journey with or without a car seat has the ridesharing services confused.

Because the state law clearly defines that no child under the age of 10 years can travel without a proper safety harness, all public transport is exempted from this law.

Whereas the state law has not mentioned anything, particularly about a ridesharing transport mode, On the other hand, ridesharing is also not considered as public transport; therefore, the rule mandatory car seat traveling guidelines apply on the Uber, but it is unclear who is responsible for bringing along the car seat with them.

It would be better for the child’s guardian to bring along their car seat or seats (if they have more than one child under the age limit of the car seat, rear faced, forward faced or convertible boosters, etc. It’s worth the hassle.

Uber Car Seat Boston :

Different states have different laws regarding the car seat law about the ride-sharing services, but one thing that remains is that the children should be traveling along the road secured in a safety harness. The taxi, Uber, or Lyft car services are also not exempted from the car seat rules.

But what makes the difference is that the drivers are not fined.

Still, the child’s parent or guardian has to pay the fine as they have to make sure that their child is properly secured in the car seat suitable to their age and size.

At regular, Uber provides one forward-facing car seat for at least two 4-month-old babies, and if your child is older or younger than 24 months, you have several kids suitable for the varying car seat stages. Then it must bring along with them and ensure a safe and stress-free journey for themselves and their children.

Uber Car Seat California :

The car seat laws for ids are pretty basic in California as they allow all the children under the age of 8 years to travel in a car seat at the back of the car, and the infant under 24 months of age should be properly strapped in the rear-facing car seat at all times.

Still, the ride-sharing services are not responsible for bringing along the car seat. As a parent or a guardian, it is your priority to ensure your child’s safety during the journey by bringing along their required car seat with you.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Uber transport service kids-friendly?

Yes, it is kids-friendly. You find that some Uber drivers are very friendly behave even help carry bags and other stuff. Which other taxi drivers are not seen to do.

Q2. Why do Uber drivers decline a ride?

It is frequently reported that Uber drivers decline a ride; its wrong; drivers say the some parents are negligent enough to travel along with the kids without carrying car seats and order a ride hence, completely ignoring the safety of their children as well as the violation of the state laws. Therefore, the drivers decline the ride.

Q3. Are there any extra charges for the car seat in Uber?

Yes, Uber offers the facility of a car seat with an additional charge of $10.

Q4. Is an Uber car seat facility available in my area?

It is always best to check the Uber app by putting the pick-up and drop-off location with the car seat option.

Q5. Is it safe to travel with kids in Uber?

Yes, Uber is completely safe to travel in with kids. The drivers are pretty much experienced and well-versed with the state traffic laws.

Q6. Does Uber offer booster seats?

No, Uber does not provide booster seats. If the Child’s’ requirement is a booster seat then it is better to bring it with you while you travel.

Q7. how to request Uber with car seat

For this, you have to get your mobile phone out first and then open Uber app
after that now you set the location of pick and drop, and scroll down and find the car seat option that is so easy and then you can apply with $10.

Q8. Can kids ride in Uber?

Yes, but parents must take responsibility to keep their child safe because every city and country have some rules and regulation about child traveling that you must follow


I think that it is the responsibility of the parents to care for the needs of their children and make sure that they are safe wherever they are. Can i use my own car seat with uber, If you need to take a trip to the park or around the city with your kids in tow, it is the best option to pre-plan your journey because you must always expect the unexpected from the children.

A personal car-free holiday gives you freedom, but then every freedom comes with a deep sense of responsibility. Without your conveyance, you would have to order a ride-sharing service.

Before confirming the ride, make sure that the vehicle caters to the needs of your family and your children; in particular, take your car seat no matter how much luggage you have. A seat is not much, but it guarantees big benefits.

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