How To Clean Vomit Out of Perforated Leather Seats? Some Easy Tips

Big problem how to clean vomit out of perforated leather seats. Has this happened to you, when You went on a trip with your children and they vomited on perforated leather seats? This has happened to me.

It’s the worst process of cleaning because vomit is hard to clean from perforated leather seats. Do you know what is perforated leather seats and why the manufacturer made these types of car seats?

Perforated leather seats are made of nylon and polyester. The better advantage of these seats is that they assist with heating and cooling. For example, it keeps the passengers warm in winter and cools in summer.

And these seats allow better comfort for users and also offer ventilation for breathability. Because of these features users demand and like these perforated seats.


Continue reading and stay with me, don’t worry about the perforation of leather seat cleaning, here I will explain the easy ways from which you can clean vomit out of perforated leather seats. follow this guide, I hope you won’t come to any difficulties during vomiting cleaning.

How To Clean Perforated Leather Seats

Vomiting Occurs due to stomach diseases. You may have noticed that there are small pieces of food in the vomit. Which is not only difficult to clean. Rather, when you clean the seat improperly then your seat can be damaged.

There are many suggestions from experts about Perforated leather seat cleaning, which are very useful. However, they are tough to follow. Here I will tell you some easy ways by following which your problem will quickly solve.

Things You Will Need During The Cleaning  

  • Bucket
  • Color Lock Textile And Leather Brush Or Toothbrush
  • SofMicrofiber
  • Weiman Cleaner
  • Vinegar And Mild Soap
  1. Firstly clean the vomit with the spare clothes, Which will not get more stains and dirt spread.
  1. Take half a bucket of water and put vinegar and mild soap, mix it well, dip the cloth in the water, and rub it on the dirty surface where all the germs and dirt will be clean vinegar is helpful for germs.
  1. The second method is to put these mixtures in a spray bottle and spray it on dirty stains and wipes with Wet clothes also, you must use a brush so that the small pieces of vomit come out of the perforated places.
  1. Where there is more dirt applied, Weiman cleaner on the clothes and rubbed it well for two or three minutes but don’t rub hard, be careful, and the car seat will be damaged.
  1. When the vomit is clean, then take a microfiber and wipe around the seat, from which all the seat will be dry, and make sure all the vomit is clean and there is no dirty smell.
  1. After cleaning, park the car in the sun and open all the doors, which the moisture removed inside the seats.

How to Clean Vomit Out of Car Seat:

Cleaning becomes problematic when the child makes the seat dirty with vomit. But you have to clean it; you can’t leave it dirty, which can cause illness.

But don’t worry, here we will tell you some methods to help you immaculate perforated leather seats, from which will be wont stains and odor left, but you have to be very careful while cleaning. You should wash all the tiny parts of dirt because it causes the smell later.

Remove ll the vomit:

As far as possible clean all the vomit with the extra cloth. I know this is presumably the worst part of the cleaning process, but when the vomit is cleaned well by clothes, scrape the remaining dirt with a spatula.

Dry the damp area:

Scrub the microfiber cloth or towel on that area where the dampness is. Both are the best options for moisture.

Spray the chemical Guys’ cleaner on the dirty area

Spray the Chemical Guys in dirty places, then lay the damp towel on that area and leave it for six to eight hours so that the Chemical Guys work perfectly, and remove all the stains and odors obliterated.

Keep dry the seats:

When you have done all these processes, remove the towel, open all the doors and park the car in that place where the sunlight is on your vehicle seats, so the seats dry well.

Cleaning Vomit Out of Perforated Leather Seats

Things You Need Before Cleaning Perforated Leather Car Seats

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Face Mask
  • Steam Cleaner
  1. The steamer is the best way to clean the vomit-perforated leather car seat. This is useful because experts suggest steamers for cleaning. when you clean perforated leather seats with the steamer there will be no smell or strains the steamer is known to remove severe scarring.
  1. If the vomit is too much, take a cloth and remove the vomit from the perforated seat, then put the water and mild soap in the streamer. If you add vinegar, it is even better and starts cleaning and rubbing the hard strain.
  1. During cleaning the perforated seats, operate the steamer slowly. so that you’ll clean the inner parts of the seats and there will be no odor after that.
  1. When the cleaning is done take a microfiber cloth and scrub around then apply any leather car seat conditioner for Fragrance.
  1. During the cleaning, open all the doors so that your seat will dry soon. and if possible, clean the seat on holiday days your car seat will dry nicely and there will be no humidity inside the seat. I think cleaning perforated leather seats with a steamer is the best way.

How to Remove The Vomit Smell Out of The Perforated Leather Seat:

Vomiting is a strange disease, And it’s not as easy as you think to clean with a perforated seat. Here below are some easy methods which you can apply and easily remove smell and you can get back your old leather seat In its original state.

Baking Soda:

There are a few simple ways to remove the vomit smell of perforated leather seats. You can remove any kind of smell with the help of baking soda. Yes, baking soda is well known for removing the smell and it doesn’t do any damage to the leather seat.

Before cleaning, take a bowl of water, put some baking soda, mix it well, then Sprinkle on the dirty Stain and leave it. After 5 minutes scrub with damp clothes.


Vinegar names you must hear and there will be no home where vinegar is not available. Here too like that, take a bowl of water then put some vinegar and mild soap mixed it well Sprinkle on the seat and start rubbing with the damp clothes for three to five minutes. After cleaning, wipe with the microfiber cloths.

Nature’s miracle:

You can try it on your leather car seat, nature’s miracle is the name of the product. Yes, it is a product name that is known for car seat cleaning and removing odor smell. It is available on Amazon and other markets.

Spray it on the dirty strains of your perforated leather and leave it for five minutes then wipe with the microfiber cloth or any other dry cloth.

Things you need before cleaning perforated leather car seats

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Face Mask
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  1. Before starting the vacuum, open all the doors of the car and cover your face with a mask and use hand gloves. Then start by vacuuming the perforated leather seats. This will clean your whole seat as much as the dirt and dust on the seat.
  1. When you clean the seat by vacuum, first take the front seats then clean the back seat but don’t forget the headrest, handrest, and soft pillow. Keep the child away from dust and odor smell.

Leather Car Seat Cleaning:

Things You Needed For Cleaning:

  1. Leather Chemical Guys Cleaner And Conditioner 
  2. Micro Fabric Clothes
  • If you want clean vomit out of perforated leather permanently or for a long time. So you have to know about these chemicals. The cleaner comes with a portable brush and smooth fabric from which you can easily remove dirt, odor, and deep stains within seconds.
  • This leather cleaner is not only good for car seats. You can clean other things like leather shoes, bags, purses, and jackets. but better for car seat cleaners.

How To Clean Vomit Out Of Perforated Leather Seats

 Lexol Conditioner:

Things You Needed For Cleaning

  1. Leather Lexol Conditioner
  2. Microfiber cloths
  • If you want your leather seat to shine, you must use it is not more costly, it is available at a cheap price. The conditioner is best because the Lexol conditioner removes all the stench and the seat also shines, it looks like a brand new one.
  • put the conditioner on the microfiber cloth and wipe down the leather seats then don’t worry about the smell and shining when if you see you will be surprised how the seat shines and smells remove


In this article, we explained how to clean vomit out of perforated leather seats in an easy way, I hope this guide will be beneficial for you. I have told you that vomiting is a weird thing. Which becomes difficult to clean.

If you don’t have any chemicals and other expensive cleaners, you can clean them with household items. Which is very useful. All the things I suggest to you for cleaning, all these things are available in every home easily. Also, I suggest you buy an emergency vomit kit for your child, it is highly recommended for parents.

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