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How To Make Baby Car Seat Cooler? Helpful Guide

Whenever the summer months come it becomes a headache for everyone, how to make baby car seat cooler, especially for parents who have small children. Many people like the month of summer, especially those families who are fond of wandering more.

Whenever you go out in the summer months, your children’s car seats get heated. Always Parents think about keeping their children comfortable and free from sweat. Often, parents find the best way to protect their baby from the sun and sweating.

How To Make Baby Car Seat Cooler?

According to a CNN report It can be dangerous to stay hot in the car, and parents get upset after reading these facts. But here, we will recommend some precautions that can help you keep your baby cool inside the car on summer days. It is better for your child.

So here, you will find a few tips on how you can sustain a cool temperature in your car. Also, we have recommended some products that can help you keep your baby safe and cool in the car seat in hot weather. so that you can enjoy those long summer days.

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Feeling Hot?

You will find out by placing your hand on the area under the baby’s neck or, if the baby is breathing fast, It could be a cause of heat.

What is Baby’s Normal Temperature?

The Body temperature is from 97 F to 99 F for a typical adult child. And baby’s body temperature can be from: 97.9 F to 100.4 F. Temperature does not hold the same all day and will be changed every day.

Precautions For Making Baby Car Seats Cooler:

If you want to keep your child safe and think about making a baby car seat more relaxed, here are some precautions you can try on summer days.

1- Light Color Better Than Dark Color:

You have to choose light-colored seats for your child like Alice blue, aqua, and cornflower blue because these colors do not absorb more sunlight, and it is better for your child.

2- Block The Sun UV Radiation:

There are many ways you can adopt to stop the sun’s shadow inside the car; we have to tell you some ways, with the help which you can cool the child.

3M Window Tint:

how to make baby car seat cooler

Protect yourself and your children by using the 3M Window Tint to block the dangerous UV rays; you have to install a 3M Window Tint cover on your car’s front glass.

The 3M tinted cover is beneficial for the driver and the child to protect them from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The tinting reduces the temperature inside your car by up to 80 percent. If you decide to use a 3M tint to cover your vehicle windows, you must find out the law in your state about the window tint. What is UV radiation?  

3- Freezable Child Seat Cooling Mat:

You must use the freezable child seat cooling mat. This freezable mat helps keep your child’s seat cooled in the summer months. Cool car seat covers are durable for a long time.

4-The Noggle:

how to make baby car seat cooler

You must use the Noggle, which can be beneficial for you in your vehicle’s back seat to cool down efficiently. You can easily connect the toggle to your vehicle air vent and feed it into the back seat of the car. This way, the AC air can reasonably reach your kids. According to the parent’s reports, I haven’t used it, but it is durable.

The Noggle is easy to change for a child’s forward-facing and rear-facing children. They also come in 6-foot and 10 feet. This is so awesome because you can find one of the best ways to adjust your vehicle interior.

This can be used in both summer and winter months for cooling or heating, which is easy to remove and install.

5- Leaving The Child Alone In The Car:

All parents often make big mistakes, but the worst mistake is leaving the child alone in the car, which is our worst mistake.

Because the child’s body heat is speedy, and the interior takes just 12 minutes to boost by 18 degrees. If the child is left inside a car on summer days, your mistake can quickly turn into damage.

If you have a child in the car and you are going with your child in the car, you must park in a cool place or below the tree, So that your baby does not feel hot Take care of your baby. Check the baby after 10 minutes on hot days to see how they are feeling in the car.

6- Usb Baby Car Seat Fan:

how to make baby car seat cooler

The above mentioned everything, but here I will tell you something unique that will be more beneficial for your child. Excessive sweating is not suitable for your baby because Excessive sweating makes your baby tight, So here we have recommended a fan for the baby.

You can put a small fan for your baby, which can easily attach to the front car seat frame and can easily rotate or be removed; it comes with a micro USB cable that is easy to connect and easy to connect with a mobile or car switchboard.

7- Cool The Car Down Before Putting Your Baby:

Here, we recommend that you start the car air conditioner for five minutes before you go out at home—the hour when you sit the child inside the car. You can guess it, How excellent your vehicle is from the inside. You can sit with your baby for a long trip without sweating.

8- Vehicle Temperature:

Many times babies sweat while sleeping in the car. Sometimes mothers often try to keep their children warm in daily life. But here, the baby’s body temperature ultimately causes them to sweat more, and the car temperature should be hot for the child.

Furthermore, mothers should dress their babies lightly in summer. So they should have no problem.

9- Keep The Dry Cloth For The Head:

You may have noticed that the child is asleep in the car when your child’s pillow gets wet most of the time. This means that the head feels the most heat in the body. Because the baby’s head is in one place, you must have a dry cloth under your baby’s head.


Most parents are worried about how to make baby car seat cooler during travel in summer days. above we have described some tips and tricks If you follow these steps.

I am sure that your child will never get hot inside the car. You can take your child anywhere if you want by following this guide and tips. I am sure the baby will feel more comfortable with you in this trip.

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