When Do Chicco Car Seats Expire? | & What To Do With Expired Car Seats

The way we worry about the expiry date of other items. same also we need to worry about the seat expiration dates because children are precious.

We must keep the baby safe so our journey with the children can be pleasant and safe. car seat expiration date plays an important role in our kid’s life because we can easily find out how long we can use it.

Look Here;

Do not miss any kind of information about car seat expiration because here we will explain in this article when do Chicco car seats expire and where is the expiration date on a car seat to make sure how safe your baby is.

And do you know, how using an expired car seat, how much is dangerous?

So let’s get started. Read and follow these instructions to easily understand and keep your child safe from an expired seat. Please scroll down to find the Chicco car seats’ expiration and manufacture date and know the difference between them.

When Do Chicco Car Seats Expire?

Chicco convertible car seats expire after eight years but continue to read the full paragraph. Last month we searched about the Chicco car convertible car seat expiration, where parents talked about the expiration.

According to the report, if you use a Chicco convertible car seat, all the car seats are durable for eight years from the date of manufacture.

The date of expiration and date of manufacture are located on the bottom of the seat, which is located on the white label.

Difference Between The Expiration And Manufacture Dates:

When do chicco car seats expire

The manufacture date is that on which the seat is prepared. For example, if the seat was made in January, 2016, it will expire in January 2023.

which means January 2016 is the date of manufacture and January 2023 is the date of expiration, which means that you can not use the seat after the expiration.

Why Do Car Seats Expire?

Normally car seats are durable for seven years, but most car seats expire between 7 and 10 years from the date of manufacture. But do you know about it? What could be the reasons for the expiration?

let us go to know here:

Wear and Tear:

A car seat is one of the most important products for your baby. When you go to the supermarket or park, you buckle and unbuckle your baby many times. And besides, The children chew the seat with their teeth. And they make the cup holder dirty with their tiny hands.

And secondly, if you live in a hot city where the temperatures are too high, This can cause the seat to malfunction, or if your car is parked in the sun, they get tiny cracks in the seat and base.

Do not park the car from the sun in the summer months which you can prevent your baby seat from getting damaged.

Sun affects all the fabric and plastic parts of a car seat, the seat is designed for child convenience, and you must take care of your child seat to keep your baby safe on many trips.

Deterioration of Car Seat:

Car seats and other baby products can be durable for a specific period and then expire. There is also a car seat because all car seat parts break down over time.

If seen, the car seats usually get heavy use, and parents use them for a long time in their vehicles.

Because the seat remains in your vehicle with your baby for many years and is exposed to varying weather conditions, you need to know that heat and cold affect the seat fabric and other materials. Also, the plastic deteriorates and rusts on the steel frame.

When the plastic and frame deteriorate, understand that the seat is not more secure now for your child. It would be best if you change your seat.

Please do not use it longer because it can not be durable like-new a seat. Your child can be injured in case of a minor accident. you need to keep your child safe because infant injuries have risen to 60 percent during the car collision in 2020 from 2022.


When you buy a car seat for your children, you must register with the manufacturer so that the manufacturer is informed of product recalls.

Besides that, the expiration dates ensure how many years you can use it.

Discontinued Car Seat:

Car seat standards change rapidly because car seat models change daily, and the previous models are not durable for long-term use if you have Discontinued seats, so it may be difficult to get the parts you want.

Advance Technology:

Everyone knows new things are better than old things.

It would be helpful if you focused on new seats because new ones have come with some advanced technology in which your child will be safe and comfortable against old ones.

All seats have been thoroughly tested and passed or exceeded all the FAA safety rules and regulations that ensure child safety.

Where Is The Expiration Date On A Car Seat?

When do chicco car seats expire

Most frequently asked question is what is the meaning of car seat expiration when the car seat is expired, do not use the expired car seat for your children. but if we see so, the 6 to 10-year durability is enough.

Mean, you can easily use it for multiple children. The date of manufacture and expiration date both are printed on a white sticker on the bottom of the car seat; check the picture below.

Do I Need To Replace My Child’s Car Seat After A Car Accident?

Yes, that is so an important factor we need to consider about it all of us parents need to be careful about this do must change our seats after an accident.

Whether the accident is minor or big because if you did not change the seat at the perfect time So the seat will be not safe for your child in the upcoming days. We suggest that you do not use that seat that is involved in a minor accident.

and also, Chicco recommends that you must replace the car seat or booster seat after an accident. Because this durability can not stabilize after the crash, it is not safe after an accident for your children.

How Long Are Car Seats Good For?

Car seats are durable between 6 to 10 years. Yes, You heard right, you can use it for ten years, but most car seats expire after six-year. 

And besides that, The expiration dates vary by manufacturer, and the expiration and manufacture dates are printed on the plastic label, which is located on the seat bottom.

Here we have a helpful guide for parents, which is easy to find about different brands’ car seat expiration and manufacture dates.

Britax: Infant car seats expire after six years and booster seats after nine years.

Chico: Car seats expire after six years.

Cosco: Car seats expire between 6 to 7 years.

Diono: Harness car seats are durable for eight years, and boosters are good for ten years, then they expire.

Evenflo: The Evenflo seat is best for long use, which means you can use it for six years. 

Symphony: Expires eight years after the date of manufacture.

SafeMax: The car seat offers 10-year durability for the users.

Graco: Offers seven to ten years of life span but mostly depending on the model and parents’ uses.

Maxi-Cosi: Car seats are specially designed for long time use, which is better for working for ten years.

Recaro: Car seats expire after six years.

Safety 1st: Is expire after eight years, then they expire but depending on the model, which one you have.

When Do Car Seats Expire?

Typically car seat fabric, plastic, and metal parts are durable for a specific period, then it expire. Most companies offer durability for 6 to 10 years, which means you can easily use it for multiple children without any worry.

The worst car seats can not be durable and stable for a long time and do not protect your child. A lot of companies nowadays are working on advanced technology and, day by date, update their seats such that they add side impact protection and breathable fabric.

Because The industry is fast-moving and evolving all the time. At the same time, They strive for the safety of children, ” Dr. Benjamin Spock says. For example, if we see the past.

Most parents had many problems with old seats. Most parents are more in love with the new seats than the old ones because the manufacturer added a new side impact protection technology for child protection.

What To Do With Your Child’s Car Seat When It Expires?

If you are using a Chicco car seat or any other brand seat and the car seat expired, you should not be using it. Immediately Replace it; When your child’s car seat expires, throw it away in the garbage.

But remember, before throwing the seat, you need to cut all the straps, mark it with black color or put it in black plastic so that other people can not use it for their children.

When Do Chicco Car Seats Expire? Frequently Ask Question


Is It Illegal To Use An Expired Car Seat?

Yes, it can be illegal If the law is against it and prohibits using the expired car seat. But mostly depends on which city or state you live in because You have to follow the law of the place where you live; otherwise, you can be fined or punished.

Do I Need To Change My Cosco Car Seat If it’s Been Involved In A Car Accident?

Yes, if the accident is minor or big, you must replace your car seat and base if it has been involved in a car accident; that is not important if your child’s car seat is not broken.

Even the slightest accident can weaken the seat In which your child cannot be safe in the future.

When Does A Chicco Convertible Car Seat Expire?

Chicco convertible car seats are durable for eight years but depend on their use.

How Do You Know When A Car Seat Expires?

when you worry about your car seat expiration, Check the bottom of the car seat where the manufacture and expiration date described on the white label

When Does My Chicco Car Seat Expire?

After 6, yes, it is true because Chicco has described the expiration dates on their product. You can easily find the expiration dates, which are printed on the bottom of the seat.

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