When Do Cosco Car Seats Expire? & What To Do With Expired Cosco Car Seat

If you want to buy a Cosco car seat for your little one, or you already have one, and you are worried about when do Cosco car seats expire? There is nothing to worry about in this, breath the rest because, in this article, we explained everything in detail.

Also, we explained multiple questions asked by parents, Such as where to find car seat expiration date. Why does a car seat expire? & what to do with expired car seats.

The car seats are durable for 8 to 10 years. After that, they expire, but it mostly depends on the models; which model do you have? The expiration dates are located at the back of the seat.

Moreover, if you want detailed information, you should Scroll down; we have given a detailed guide about Cosco car seat expiration.

What Does Car Seat Expiration Mean?

When do Cosco car seats expire? Each item has a specific expiry date, as we see on many other things in our everyday life, for example, medicine, food, etc. Similarly, car seats also have an expiration date. If you think this is a manufacturer’s plan to make more money, it’s not at all.

As we said earlier, car seats expire after some years for some reasons, which we will discuss next. Besides that, if you are using such a seat which is an expired car seat. So it would be best if you changed it soon because in many states, using an expired seat illegally, having expiration dates on the car seat is better for knowing the seat’s lifespan.

Because parents easily know how long it can be used, they can keep their children safe and comfortable. If you want to update your car seat, this is also a good idea, but when you buy a new one, you will easily know how long your child’s seat will last.

Purchasing a new car seat is better than the comparatively old one because It isn’t easy to know when it was made. Technology is improving daily, and that’s why most companies use new technology to make car seats more durable and ensure children’s safety.

If you look at the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system technology. So it is a wonderful safety feature. Through new technology, millions of children have been safe in many horrible accidents. If you are still using an expired car seat or are near an expiration date, you should buy a new seat for your child.

Why Do Car Seats Expire?

The car seat expiration sounds odd to parents, the child safety seat is made of polypropylene, a durable and rigid plastic. However, it sits for many years inside the vehicle, which expires after passing through several environmental factors.

The temperature inside the car reaches 130 to 172 degrees on summer days. For that reason, the material weakens, and the seat becomes unsafe for further use. Let me give you an example, the child’s safety seat is the same as vehicle tires, tires get damaged running the road after several years, and the car seat material is weak and breaks down over time.

When the car seat becomes old, it can’t keep your child as safe before as it should. If you are still concerned about why do car seats expire? You need to read the below guide; we have given a detailed guide about why car seats expire to ensure that how you can keep your baby safe and comfortable, The expiration dates decide by manufacturers due to a few reasons, which include wear & tear, technology, recall, changing standards, and damage, etc.

1. Technology Rapidly Improves:

Many states in the US have different laws regarding child restraint systems, but there have yet to be any regulations by the US government about expiration dates that make the expiration dates mandatory on car seats. Although, car seats are a costly purchase. 

A car seat is durable for eight to twelve years, then expires. That’s why the company periodically changes design and improves the performance of the car seats. So over time adds, new technology in car seats so that children can be kept safe as much as possible.

If you are using old car seats for your child, whether they are still in good condition, you should change them because new technology seats are hundreds of times better than old seats.

Moreover, it is impossible that the used car seat has all the original parts kept remaining durable because the seat goes through many stages between 6 to 10 years. from which the seat can’t remain durable for a lifetime, If you think any part is missing from the seat, so without wasting time, check the manufacturer’s manual or call them.

And be careful not to use the car seat until the manufacturer has replaced any missing or damaged parts. 

Hopefully, you will know well why the expiration dates must be. so that you can easily ensure the car seat you are using how they old and when it will expire. Remember Never to use such seats which have no manufacturing and expiration dates.

2. Materials Wear Down Over Time:

Car seats are one of the most commonly used products for children. They do not remain durable for a lifetime because they sit in the car most of the year. Their material weakens and breaks down since it passes through several hot and cold temperatures.

When a car seat sits in a vehicle for 6 to 10 years, how does it remain durable? Especially when you are living in areas where the temperature is high, whether winter or summer, both damage the seat. 

Note: Consequently, you should avoid using a car seat after ten years because many manufacturers set their expiration dates at 6 to 10 years.

3. Damage Your Car Seat:

If your child’s car seat has been involved in an accident, you can no longer use it because, after an accident, come invisible fractures in the seat, mainly when the accident occurred at over 45 kph. According to the NHTSA recommendation, replace the seat after the severe crash. However, in a minor accident, there is no need to change it.

4. Changing Safety Standards:

You should buy a new seat instead of an old one since seats are unlike other items with extra parts. That is why you should be aware of car seat regulations and changes. Because when if the manufacturer changes regulations, you will not have any issues.

Because sometimes the regulation changes, it is impossible to find the old parts. That is why the expiration dates are very important, which ensures that your child’s car seat has passed all the major updates.

5. Recalls:

Parent must protect their child at all costs. Because every year, millions of car seats are recalled in the U.S. That is why most child safety experts, including NHTSA, are often concerned for children’s safety. if you are using a seat for your child which is not expired and is under a recall.

You must follow some recommendations to ensure your child is safe and comfortable. Moreover, you can also visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, where you can find the most recent update about the recall. 

How Long Are Car Seats Good For?

If you have a question, how long are Cosco car seats good for? It depends on your car seat’s brand since every brand differs. Manufacturers set an expiration date of six years for car seats. However, car seats remain durable for six to ten years, 

Note: Never buy a seat that is older than six years. For example, if the seat was manufactured first January 2015 and you were buying it in 2022, you are doing wrong. Your child will be less safe in the old seat.

Where Is The Expiration Date On a Car Seat?

Seat expiration dates are written on the white table attached to the backside, or you can find them on the base. The expiration dates begin on the manufacture date, not the date of purchase. Since 2014 All the child car seats have remained durable for up to 8 years.

When Do Cosco Car Seats Expire:

Find out where the Expiration Date of your Cosco Convertible Car Seat in the table below!

ModelExpiration Dates After ManufacturingExpiration Date LocationCheck Manual
Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat8Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Cosco Scenera Next Dlx8Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Cosco Mighty fit 65 Convertible Car Seat10Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Cosco Mighty fit 65 Dx10Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Mightyfit™ LX Convertible Car Seat

10Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Easy Elite all-in-one Convertible Car Seat

10Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat8Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Cosco Easy Elite Convertible Car Seat
10Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual
Cosco Mightyfit™ LX Convertible Car Seat
10Side of the ShellOwner’s Manual

What To Do With Old Car Seats:

Whenever the child’s car seat expires, parents worry about how to get rid of old car seats. Most parents think of throwing them, which is wrong. If you want to get rid of your expired seat, There are many ways, just you need to follow some recommendations, the help of which you can quickly get rid of the expired car seats.

Option 1. Trade-In Event:

Trade car seats and other big stores hold trade-in events twice a year to give parents a better opportunity to get rid of old car seats. When you bring your old seat, you get a coupon, which you can use to buy a new product for your baby at a 20 % discount.

Option 2. Recycle it:

If you believe the seat is in good condition because cycling plants accept old or expired car seats. But, before recycling, you will need to remove all the fabric, harness, and straps so that the plant easily dismantles the plastic and metal pieces. 

Unfortunately, if your area does not have a recycling center or center is in your area, but you don’t know where the recycling center is, so don’t worry. We are here to help you to find the recycling center near you. Visit the Recycle Car Seat OR TerraCycle; both are the best option.

What To Do With Expired Car Seats?

It should not be used whenever anything expires Because it can not remain safe as before. When your child’s car seat lifespan exceeds the expiration date, you should throw the seat in the garbage.

But before throwing it in the garbage, cut all the straps and harnesses with scissors and break the plastic and metal parts with a hammer to ensure anyone can not use them. Remember to mark the seat with color so that taking it to use becomes impossible.

Aside from that, some people think it’s a good idea to donate their seats when they expire, which is not correct; as we have said before, the expired seat can no longer keep your child safe as before. You should avoid donating because just as you want to keep your children safe, you should also take care of other children.


Now we arrive at the conclusion, Hopefully, you get lots of information because we have explained everything in detail about when do Cosco car seats expire. As far as we know, all The car seat and their bases are made of solid plastic. Which lasts for 12 years. But some of the seats can be ended prematurely for some reasons, including Plastic melting or being damaged, etc.

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